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Interchange 5.5.1 (beta) released

Interchange news
Kevin Walsh - 21 August 2007 - 9:21 AM (EDT) Interchange news

In an atmosphere of almost overwhelming joy and delight, the Interchange development group excitedly announced the release of Interchange 5.5.1 (beta).  You can help improve the upcoming stable version by downloading this beta release, installing it, testing it and reporting your experience to the interchange-users mail list.

Interchange development snapshots and beta releases have a long history of stability, so we actively encourage experienced developers go ahead and use this release for new deployments and upgrades.  This RTFM website is continually upgraded to run the latest development version, available from CVS and as a daily development snapshot Link to an external page.

Please read the UPGRADE file, included in the tar archive, for information about the upgrade procedure, and the small number of backward-incompatible changes introduced with this beta release.  Also see the WHATSNEW Link to an external page file to, err, find out what's new.

As usual, Interchange can be downloaded from either of the following locations:

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Gert van der Spoel - 30 August 2007 4:58 PM (EDT)
Sounds like you had one too many at the release party Kevin Smiley

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