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Search plugin for Mozilla-based browsers

RTFM website news
Kevin Walsh - 19 April 2007 - 6:53 AM (EDT) RTFM website news

If you're using a Mozilla-based browser, such as Firefox, then you might be interested in our new search plugin.  This new plugin allows you to search the Interchange RTFM website from the comfort of your own toolbar - much like the Google search facility you're probably used to by now.

Take a look at the search box in your Mozilla (Firefox) browser's toolbar.  Click on the search engine selection button and you should find a list of configured search engines.  Select the "Add Interchange RTFM website" item at the end of the list and the plugin will be installed automatically.  Yes - it really is as easy as that.

If, for some reason, you lose your mind and want to remove this website from your list of search engines, then select the "Manage search engines" item at the end of the list.  You can use the management facility to remove the Interchange RTFM website search plugin - or any other search engine, for that matter.

Plug your website's search facility directly into your browser?  Yep - Interchange can do that.

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Gert van der Spoel - 19 April 2007 7:59 AM (EDT)
It really works!  Smiley
Marco Mescoli - 19 April 2007 10:28 AM (EDT)
Thanks Kevin!
Sam Nguyen - 19 April 2007 12:42 PM (EDT)

Another way to integrate search into Firefox is by using the keyword feature on its bookmarks.  Bookmark this URL in Firefox:

and set its keyword to "rtfm" (right click on the bookmark and select "Properties").

Then, in the address bar, type "rtfm database" and it will search RTFM for the term "database".  Firefox will plug in anything after the keyword into the %s variable.

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