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Two new Interchange core team members

Interchange news
Kevin Walsh - 28 August 2006 - 9:38 AM (EDT) Interchange news

The Interchange development group has welcomed two new members into its core team.

Peter Ajamian ("pj" in IRC) is originally from Southern California and now lives in New Zealand.  Peter has Interchange experience dating from 2002, has helped several people on the interchange-users mail list and has supplied a number of patches to the Interchange core.  His first submission, as an official Interchange core developer, was to provide support for the NetBilling payment gateway.

Gert van der Spoel ("thunder" in IRC) is a Dutch developer who started using Interchange in 1999.  Gert has just moved from The Netherlands to Greece, where he has started a new company.  He has contributed a Greek translation to the Interchange admin UI and plans to work on integrating support for the UTF-8 character set.

Both are regulars in the interchange-users mail list and in the interchange IRC chat channel at Link to an external page.

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Peter Ajamian - 11 September 2006 8:12 AM (EDT)

I think the other devs voted me in because they were tired of having to spend time on all the patches I was sending in.  This way I can commit them myself.  Smiley

Anyways, happy to be aboard Smiley

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