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Define a variable for use in pages and elsewhere.


Variable  VARNAME  value

Variable identifiers must begin with a capital letter and must only contain word characters (A-Z, a-z, 0-9 and an underscore).  Variable names are case-sensitive.


This directive is available for use globally (in the "interchange.cfg" configuration file), and locally (in the "catalog.cfg" configuration file).

The global configuration affects all websites running under the Interchange instance.  Each individual website's local configuration will not affect or influence other websites in any way. 


This directive defines a variable for use in pages and elsewhere.  When defined globally, the variable can be used in all websites, using the "@@VARNAME@@" notation.  When defined locally, the variable can only be used by the defining website using the "__VARNAME__" notation.

If a website uses the "@_VARNAME_@" notation then the name will be looked for in the local variable definitions.  If not found then the global variables will be searched.

Only variables with ALL_CAPS names will be parsed in local (catalog.cfg) configuration directives (i.e. A-Z and 0-9, but not a-z).  Variables are only substituted within configuration files when the ParseVariables directive is set.

Variables are substituted first in any Interchange page, and may contain any valid Interchange tags.  Variables names, referenced on pages, are always case-sensitive and may be made up of any combination of the A-Z, a-z and 0-9 characters.



You should not define any variables names that start with "MV_" or "IC_".  Also, you should not define the "CURRENCY" and "LANG" variables.

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