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Register a sub-website that is based upon an existing Catalog definition and will run within the current Interchange instance.


SubCatalog  subname  basename  directory  link_path  [alias [aliases...]

The maximum value allowed is 50.  The default is "0".


This directive is only available for use in the global (interchange.cfg) configuration file, and will affect all websites running under the Interchange installation.  It will not work in a website's local (catalog.cfg) configuration file. 


This directive allows the definition of a website which shares most of the characteristics of another website.  The main reason that this would be used would be to conserve memory if there are a series of websites that share most of the same pages or database tables etc.

Only the directives that are changed from the base website are added to Interchange's configuration memory footprint.  The parameters are as follows: 

  1. The sub-website's symbolic name
  2. The base website's symbolic name, as specified in its Catalog configuration.
  3. The home directory to use (typically the same as the base website)
  4. The "script_name" that will trigger the sub-website.

Any additional parameters are aliases for the "script_name".  See the Catalog directive for a fuller explanation of these parameters.


Catalog     standard              /home/websites/standard  /cgi-bin/standard
SubCatalog  substandard standard  /home/websites/standard  /cgi-bin/substandard

Category:  Global config directives
Last modified by: Kevin Walsh
Modification date: Wednesday 21 June 2006 at 10:02 PM (BST)
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