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Sets a "special page" to something other than its default value.


SpecialPage  page  filename


This directive is only available for use in the local (catalog.cfg) configuration file.  It will not affect any other website in any way.  This directive will not work in the global (interchange.cfg) configuration file. 


Interchange needs to be able to call a number special pages to display error messages etc. Pages are called by their special name.  The actual files served by Interchange can be specified using this directive.

Name Usage Default
badsearch ../SpecialPageDir/badsearch
canceled Default page for the "cancel" form action. ../SpecialPageDir/canceled
catalog ../SpecialPageDir/catalog
failed ../SpecialPageDir/failed
flypage Page shown if the requested page cannot be found in the PageDir, but the corresponding code is found in one of the DefaultTables table(s). flypage
interact ../SpecialPageDir/interact
missing Default page displayed if the requested page cannot be found in the PageDir, and no corresponding code can be found in the DefaultTables table(s). ../SpecialPageDir/missing
needfield ../SpecialPageDir/needfield
order Cart contents page shown when an item is added to the cart. ord/basket
put_handler Standard handler for HTTP PUT requests.  See below. No default
receipt Order confirmation web page. ../SpecialPageDir/receipt
results Page called to show search results, if no "mv_search_page" search parameter is specified. results
salestax.asc ../DataDir/salestax.asc
search Page called to handle "/search page results, if no "mv_nextpage" or "mv_search_page" search parameter is specified. results
shipping.asc ../DataDir/shipping.asc
violation ../SpecialPageDir/violation

Setting/overriding pages that are not called by Interchange, using the special page mechanism, will have no effect.

All pages are specified relative to the PageDir directory.  You can specify your SpecialPage using the "../" notation to look for the file in another directory if you prefer.

The "put_handler" is handled differently from the rest of the special pages in that it refers to a directory, rather than to a file name.  If you HTTP PUT to "" and your put_handler SpecialPage is "putpages" then the "putpages/somepage.html" file will be used.


SpecialPage  badsearch    ../special/badsearch
SpecialPage  canceled     ../special/canceled
SpecialPage  catalog      index
SpecialPage  failed       ../special/failed
SpecialPage  interact     ../special/interact
SpecialPage  missing      ../special/missing
SpecialPage  needfield    ../special/needfield
SpecialPage  order        ord/basket
SpecialPage  put_handler  admin_publish
SpecialPage  receipt      ../etc/order_receipt
SpecialPage  report       ../etc/order_email.merchant
SpecialPage  search       results
SpecialPage  violation    ../special/violation

Category:  Local config directives
Last modified by: Kevin Walsh
Modification date: Wednesday 11 July 2007 at 6:28 PM (EDT)
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