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Specify the method Interchange should use to send email.


SendMailProgram  filename

The default is either "/usr/sbin/sendmail", "/usr/lib/sendmail" or "Net::SMTP", depending upon the available facilities.


This directive is available for use globally (in the "interchange.cfg" configuration file), and locally (in the "catalog.cfg" configuration file).

The global configuration affects all websites running under the Interchange instance.  Each individual website's local configuration will not affect or influence other websites in any way. 



Although this directive may be specified in the local configuration, only relative paths (or "Net::SMTP") may be used, and the Interchange instance's user ID must have permission to find and execute the program.


This directive is used to specify the method Interchange should use to send email.  If the specified filename is not found when Interchange starts then Interchange will log an error message and refuse to start.

A value of "none" will disable Interchange's ability to send emails.  In this case, e-commerce orders, or other messages, must be read from a tracking file, from a log file or by whatever other means you prefer.  If the value is set to "none" then any attempt to send an email will result in an error message being logged to the website's error log file.

A value of "Net::SMTP" is special.  This value will not be treated as a filename, but rather as an indication that the Net::SMTP Link to an external page Perl module should be used instead.  When SendMailProgram is set to Net::SMTP you also need to set the MV_SMTPHOST catalog or global variable to the hostname of the server which you want to send your email through (usually "localhost").  It is highly recommended that the Net::SMTP Link to an external page Perl module is installed, and used instead of a Sendmail-style executable.

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