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Specify a directory that will be used to contain Interchange's runtime files, such as the PID file and the various socket files etc.


RunDir  directory

The parameter is expected to be a directory name.  The default global RunDir is "etc".  The default local RunDir is the website's home directory (see Catalog).


This directive is available for use globally (in the "interchange.cfg" configuration file), and locally (in the "catalog.cfg" configuration file).

The global configuration affects all websites running under the Interchange instance.  Each individual website's local configuration will not affect or influence other websites in any way. 


This directive can be used to specify the name of a directory in which Interchange should store its runtime files.  Global runtime files include the PID file and the socket files etc.

When this directive is used globally, the specified directory will be expected to be relative to the Interchange instance's installation directory.  When used locally, the specified directory will be expected to be relative to the website's home directory.  The website's home directory is specified using the Catalog global configuration directive.

If DumpStructure is in use then a configuration dump file will be created in the global RunDir directory, as well as in each website's local RunDir directory.  The global DumpAllCfg directive will cause a configuration dump file to be created in the global RunDir directory.

Also see the ConfDir local configuration directive.



The Jobs directive's "base_directory" parameter defaults to "etc/jobs".  The "etc", in that default, is not inherited from the RunDir setting.

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