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List files containing order and form profile definitions.


OrderProfile  filename [filenames...]

The parameter is expected to be a list of filenames.  The default is blank.


This directive is only available for use in the local (catalog.cfg) configuration file.  It will not affect any other website in any way.  This directive will not work in the global (interchange.cfg) configuration file. 


This parameter allows an unlimited number of order and form profiles to be set up, specifying complex checks to be performed at each of the steps in the checkout process.  Files must be relative to the website's home directory, as specified with the global Catalog directive.

The actions defined in the specified files are also used for mv_click and mv_check form actions, if there is no action defined in the scratchpad.

Order actions are accessed by setting the mv_order_profile form variable to the name of the order profile.  Form actions are accessed by setting the mv_form_profile form variable to the name of the form profile.

The profile is named by placing a name after a "__NAME__" token, in one of the listed profile files.  Multiple profiles can reside in the same file, if separated by "__END__" tokens.


OrderProfile  etc/profiles.order etc/profiles.login

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Category:  Local config directives
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