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Specify a website-specific username to use when accessing files with absolute pathnames.


CatalogUser  name  username

The "name" parameter is expected to be the name of a website, as defined using the Catalog directive.  The username is expected to be a valid system user name.


This directive is only available for use in the global (interchange.cfg) configuration file, and will affect all websites running under the Interchange installation.  It will not work in a website's local (catalog.cfg) configuration file. 


This directive maps websites to specific system usernames, which will be used when accessing files with absolute pathnames.

If a username is specified then file read or write access will only be granted if if the file can be accessed by both the named user and by the user running the Interchange server instance.

The actual reads and writes will be performed by the Interchange server's user ID.  This directive just adds an extra layer of protection.



This directive's setting is irrelevant unless NoAbsolute is disabled.


NoAbsolute   No

CatalogUser  standard  mike
CatalogUser  reports   kevin

Category:  Global config directives
Last modified by: Kevin Walsh
Modification date: Sunday 8 October 2006 at 7:19 AM (BST)
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