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Redirect HTTP GET that specify an affiliate code to the requested URI minus the specified code.


BounceReferrals  Yes

This is a Yes or No directive.  The default is No.


This directive is only available for use in the local (catalog.cfg) configuration file.  It will not affect any other website in any way.  This directive will not work in the global (interchange.cfg) configuration file. 



This directive was introduced in version 5.5.0, and is therefore not available for use with any earlier Interchange version.


This directive causes HTTP GET requests that have the "mv_pc" or "mv_source" parameter set to an affiliate code to be redirected to the same address minus the affiliate code parameter.  If this directive is not specified, or is set to "No" (the default), then there is no behavioural change from previous (earlier than 5.5.0) Interchange versions.

This prevents redirect-respecting search engines from indexing URIs that include an affiliate code, thereby preventing multiple copies of the same page (all the same except for a different affiliate code parameter in the request URI) from being indexed.



If no session ID cookie was provided along with the page request (as is usually the case with the first page), then the redirect URI will contain a session ID parameter.

This shouldn't be a problem for search engine spiders that are recognised in with the various Robot* directives, as no session will be allocated anyway.

Category:  Local config directives
Last modified by: Peter Ajamian
Modification date: Wednesday 18 March 2009 at 6:37 AM (EDT)
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