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Interchange payment modules

These are the latest versions of the Interchange payment modules.  Please note that these modules come from Interchange's 0.0.0 development version (in CVS), or elsewhere.  You can help improve Interchange by reporting any problems you have with any if these modules.

If you have a working payment module that is not listed here, or are developing one, then please donate it.  If you know of another Payment Services Provider (PSP) that can can be used with one or more of the existing modules then please let us know.  If a seemingly useful installation or configuration guide for any of these modules is posted to the interchange-users mail list, or anywhere else, we will probably want to either put a link to it on this page or add the new text to the existing documentation.

Please check whether you already have the module you need, before you download it from this website.  The only reasons to download Payment modules from here are either (1) you don't have the module at all, (2) you are having problems with a module and we have a later version you would like to try, or (3) you would like to make use of a facility only available in a version later than the one you have.  Don't just grab modules from here and update for the sake of it.  If it's not broken, don't fix it!

Description Size Download Notes
* Link to an external page

Unconfirmed reports suggest that 2Checkout Link to an external page uses the interface for its services "with minor changes." Once these changes are reported and confirmed, a new module should be easy to create for their service.  Also note that although Netbilling Link to an external page have an emulation mode, a native Netbilling payment module is available for download from this page.

Version: 2.19.

Last update: 15 November 2007.

15,182 AuthorizeNet Documentation
* Bank of America Link to an external page

Author: Mark Johnson.

Version: 1.12.

Last update: 09 June 2005.

16,015 BoA Documentation
* Business::OnlinePayment Link to an external page

Interchange wrapper for the Business::OnlinePayment suite of payment modules.

Author: Ivan Kohler.

Version: 1.1.

Last update: 24 January 2005.

9,352 BOP Documentation
* Clear2Pay Link to an external page

This payment module works only for specific ProxyPay implementations that use XML.  This is by no means a generic ProxyPay module.  It does work with the Clear2Pay service, and may work with others.

Author: Gert van der Spoel.

Version: 1.0.

Last update: 05 August 2005.

12,036 ProxyPay Documentation
* Concord EFSNet Link to an external page

Author: Chris Wenham.

Version: 1.2.

Last update: 17 April 2004.

13,690 EFSNet Documentation
* CyberSource ICS Link to an external page

Author: Sonny Cook.

Version: 1.1.

Last update: 25 January 2005.

14,210 ICS Documentation
* Ezic Link to an external page

Author: Mark Lipscombe.

Version: 1.2.

Last update: 06 March 2005.

13,391 Ezic Documentation
* International Commerce Solutions Link to an external page

Author: Marty Tennison.

Version: 2.6.

Last update: 15 April 2005.

11,160 ICS2 Documentation
* iTransact Link to an external page

Author: Mark Johnson and Cameron Prince.

Version: 2.2.

Last update: 03 August 2003.

8,759 iTransact Documentation
* Linkpoint Link to an external page

Author: Stefan Hornburg.

Version: 1.10.

Last update: 15 October 2006.

11,944 Linkpoint Documentation
* Mainstreet Credit Verification Engine Link to an external page

Author: Carlc Internet Services.

Version: 1.3.

Last update: 03 August 2003.

13,690 MCVE Documentation
* NetBilling Link to an external page

Author: Peter Ajamain.

Version: 1.4.

Last update: 31 August 2006.

26,908 NetBilling Documentation
* OpenECHO Link to an external page

Author: Michael Lehmkuhl and Dan Browning.

Version: 1.7.

Last update: 08 April 2005.

16,346 ECHO Documentation
* Payment Resources International Link to an external page

Author: Marty Tennison.

Version: 1.4.

Last update: 22 February 2005.

15,206 PRI Documentation
* PayPal "Pro" Link to an external page

This service is only available in the USA.

Author: Erik Fantasia.

Last update: 27 November 2005.

13,096 PaypalPro Documentation
* Paypal Express Link to an external page

Author: Lyn St George.

Last update: 27 February 2007.

36,114 PaypalExpress Documentation
* ProcessNet Link to an external page

Author: David Etheredge.

Version: 2.0.

Last update: 04 October 2006.

8,153 ProcessNet Documentation
* Protx Link to an external page

This module allows you to use the "Protx Direct" service with Interchange.  The package also includes a "virtual terminal" which intergrates into the Interchange admin system and allows you to perform various payment-related operations, such as settlements and refunds etc.

Author: Lyn St George.

Version: 1.0.9f.

Last update: 28 July 2004.

46,268 protx-1.0.9f Documentation Link to an external page
* Protx2 Link to an external page

Updated version of the Protx module that brings it up to date with version 2.22 of the Protx API

Author: Lyn St George.

Version: 1.2.

Last update: 10 April 2008.

41,412 Protx2 Documentation
* PSiGate Link to an external page

PSiGate is a Canadian PSP.

Author: Gary Benson.

Version: 1.2.

Last update: 24 March 2004.

13,303 PSiGate Documentation
* Signio Link to an external page

The Signio interface is also used by Verisign to connect to their Payflow "Pro" service.  We recommend that you do not use any service provided by Verisign or its subsidiaries, but the choice is yours.

Authors: Cameron Prince, Mark Johnson, Mike Heins and Jon Jensen.

Version: 2.16.

Last update: 12 May 2006.

17,292 Signio Documentation
* Skipjack Link to an external page

Author: Michael Bacarella and Troy Davis.

Version: 2.6.

Last update: 03 August 2003.

17,683 Skipjack Documentation
* TestPayment

This is a test module to allow developers to test their site's interaction with the Interchange Payment system, without actually being connected to a real Payment Services Provider.

Author: Kevin Walsh and Mike Heins.

Version: 1.7.

Last update: 15 January 2005.

9,187 TestPayment Documentation
* TrustCommerce Link to an external page

Author: Dan Helfman and Mark Stosberg.

Version: 1.6.

Last update: 08 June 2004.

9,995 TCLink Documentation
* Wells Fargo Link to an external page

Author: Mark Johnson.

Version: 1.8.

Last update: 11 June 2005.

19,643 WellsFargo Documentation

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