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Interchange demo applications

The following demos are listed in order of original release date (latest demos first).  Note that Interchange was known as MiniVend prior to version 4.5.
Description Size Download
* Standard

The aptly named "Standard" e-commerce demo which was introduced with Interchange 5.3, replacing the "Foundation" demo.  This is the current demo application, supplied with both the 0.0.0 (stable) and 0.0.0 (development) versions of Interchange.  The snapshot available for download here was taken from the Interchange development version on the indicated update date.

Last update: 13 July 2007.

854,779 standard.tar.gz
* Mike

This is Mike Heins' new e-commerce demo, which is aimed at Interchange users who do not want to greatly change the default "Foundation".  See this announcement Link to an external page, which was posted to the interchange-users mail list.  This demo was used as the basis for the creation of the "Standard" demo.

Author: Mike Heins.

Last update: 06 January 2004.

817,634 mike.tar.gz
* Hardware (Custom)

This is a custom demo, based upon the "Foundation" demo.  This demo is kinder than Foundation to browsers with JavaScript switched off and includes three new themes.

Author: Lyn St George.

Last update: 29 October 2003.

741,631 hardware.tar.gz
* Foundation

First unveiled with Interchange 4.7, the Foundation demo was supplied with all Interchange releases until 5.3.  This is the final version that was in CVS before it was dropped in favour of the newer "Standard" demo.

Last update: 10 May 2004.

767,721 foundation.tar.gz
* Tabbed

This skeleton demo uses basic HTML from the Interchange admin UI to build a consumer catalog.

Last update: 18 August 2002.

797,002 tabbed.tar.gz
* Intranet

Built for Interchange 4.8 but not officially released.  This is the start of company information system for internal staff use.

Last update: 10 February 2002.

335,127 intranet.tar.gz
* MV Mall

Built for Interchange 4.5 (beta) but never officially released.

Last update: 10 February 2002.

244,213 mvmall.tar.gz
* Construct

Released with Interchange 4.6 and dropped in favour of the "Foundation" demo in Interchange 4.7.

Last update: 10 February 2002.

591,322 construct.tar.gz
* Barry's Bikes

Ported from Akopia's Tallyman software, briefly released with Interchange 4.5 (beta) and then dropped from Interchange 4.6.

Last update: 10 February 2002.

663,632 barry.tar.gz
* Simple (MiniVend 4)

The "simple" (Art Store) demo.  Released with MiniVend 4.  Lots of changes from the MiniVend 3 version of this "Simple" demo.  Dropped from Interchange 4.6 in favour of the "Construct Something" demo.

Last update: 10 February 2002.

269,713 simple_mv4.tar.gz
* Simple (MiniVend 3)

Released with MiniVend 3.

Last update: 10 February 2002.

171,527 simple_mv3.tar.gz
* Flycat

Released with MiniVend 4.

Last update: 10 February 2002.

53,383 flycat.tar.gz
* Basic

This a text-only demo, with no fancy graphics or layout.  It was released with MiniVend 3 and later dropped from Interchange 4.5.

Last update: 10 February 2002.

186,589 basic.tar.gz

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