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* Apache 1.x link module for the Interchange server

Please note that this module is not compatible with Apache 2.x

Author: Kevin Walsh.

Version: 1.34.

Last update: 17 November 2005.

21,211 mod_interchange
* LogWatch filter for Interchange

Author: Tom Hodder.

Last update: 08 May 2005.

1,971 logwatch.tar.gz
* North American and Canadian county names

This file is presented in tab-separated format, suitable for importing into a new Interchange table.  If you own a shop based in North America and are currently calculating tax using ZIP codes, then you could use the content of this table as the basis for a more technically-correct tax calculation.

Author: Kevin Walsh.

Last update: 31 October 2003.

103,295 counties.txt
* Robot recognition configuration directives

This file should be saved into the "etc" directory, found under your Interchange installation's home directory.  Once saved, you should edit your "interchange.cfg" file to (1) add a line that reads "include etc/robots.cfg", and (2) to remove any existing "Robot*" and "NotRobot*" directives from your configuration.  Interchange 5.5.0 and above is supplied pre-configured to use "etc/robots.cfg", so you can simply replace this file with the latest version, every now and again, without having to edit your "interchange.cfg" file.  Note that changes to this file will not take effect until you restart Interchange.

Author: Kevin Walsh.

Version: 2.7.

Last update: 02 September 2007.

2,635 robots.cfg
* Worldwide list of timezones

This file is presented in tab-separated format, suitable for importing into a new Interchange table.  You can use the tz column values with the [time] tag's tz parameter to show the current time in any of the available timezones.

Author: Kevin Walsh.

Last update: 21 August 2002.

17,662 timezones.txt


If the files you download don't work:  tough.  If you lose millions because a downloaded file messes up your system, that's you that's out of the millions, not us.  If you don't like this disclaimer:  tough.  We reserve the right to do the absolute minimum provided by law, up to and including nothing.  This is basically the same disclaimer that comes with all software packages, service packs and add-ons, but ours is in plain English while the others are in legalese.  We didn't want to include any disclaimer at all, but our legal department insisted.  Have fun!

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