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Donations to this website's housekeeping fund

All donations go towards the cost of keeping this website alive, hosted and regularly updated.  Funds are also used towards the cost of maintaining the official Interchange IRC server.

If you would like to show your support for this website then please click on one of the following buttons to make a donation.  Thank you!

Recognised donations
If you select this option, your name may be added to the list, below.  Although we will not reveal the actual amount you donate, the list will be sorted such that the people/companies who have donated the most will apear at the top of the list.
Anonymous donations
If you select this option, we will not reveal your name in our list of supporters.
Bitcoin donation Bitcoin donations
You can also donate to us with Bitcoins at the following address: 1FMu4Tcz4ygjGox2iv81tDRpcKknDveEwh.  Bitcoin donations will remain anonymous until you reveal yourself to us as the donor and give your permission to be listed as a supporter.

If you would like a small amount of additional information to be displayed next to your "recognised" donation entry then please let us know when you donate, or any time after, and we will be happy to include or amend your entry with the details you supply.  "Small amount" means an email address, a website address or anything else that will fit onto a single line.  We will not publish any additional information about you unless you ask - not even your email address.  We will only publish your name on this page if you choose the "recognised donation" option, above.  Anonymous donors will remain anonymous until they instruct us otherwise.

Thanks to the following for their kind donations

Name Additional information
Paul Jordan Image Mogul:
Mathew Jones Think Opensource:
Ian Cowley MobHead:
DocAntiquiaren DocAntiquiaren Antiques:
SMB Services Small and Mid-sized Business Services:

The above list is sorted by (1) the total amount donated, (2) the number of individual donations and (3) the date of the last donation.  This order ensures that the top donors will always appear at the top of the list.  It is our policy to not publish the value of individual donations.

3 anonymous donations have been received.  You know who you are - thanks!

This website is partially funded by donations from our sponsors

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If you would like to become an sponsor, and get your logo into our list, then please contact us.  The sponsorship logo list is also displayed on our home page.

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