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Suggestions and contributions

You may use this button on your website to link back here. Feel free to put the RTFM button on your website, along with a link back here.  A text link will suffice if the button doesn't look good with your website design for some reason.

If you have any suggestions on how this new site should be arranged or run, or would like to contribute then please contact us.  We are trying to collect demo websites, Perl snippets, UserTags, payment gateway modules, HOWTO-style documents and other useful Interchange-related goodies.  Please submit anything you can.  The author will retain the copyright over any contributions made, and will be fully acknowledged on this website.

Please ensure that any contributions are submitted under the terms of the GNU General Public licence Link to an external page or another genuinely free licence.  We will not accept contributions that are crippled by restrictions placed on their free redistribution or use.

Some of the information on this website was found and published without the original author(s) specifically submitting anything to us.  We've been holding our breath while waiting for unsolicited content contributions and we're starting to look unwell.

If any of the information on this website is out of date, or complete and utter nonsense, then please let us know.  You will have a warm inner glow for the rest of the day.

If you find this website useful then please send whatever you consider this site's continued existence is worth to you.  All donations will go towards the cost of keeping this site alive, hosted and regularly updated.  Please click here to go to our donations page.

This website is partially funded by donations from our sponsors

 Cursor Software: Expert Interchange consultancy

If you would like to become an sponsor, and get your logo into our list, then please contact us.  The sponsorship logo list will also be displayed on our home page.

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